Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bean report

Bean report 
I wonder how a bean grows without soil and how it can grow on a tissue paper? This term we have been learning about science so Kiri gave us a bean to look after, to watch and observe it each day and to take a photo for evidence and to see the difference. I thought that it will very fun to look after the bean and I was so excited to look after my bean but it was actually not fun at all.

I hypothesise that my bean will not grow because it doesn't have enough soil and sunlight to grow.

Firstly I glued my bean observation in my literature book.
Secondly Kiri gave me my bean to grow.
Thirdly I wet a tissue paper.
Fourthly I put my wet tissue in my Petri dish and I named my bean Plum.
Lastly I did my bean observation and took a photo.

On the 9/8/16 the size of the bean was 13mm, the colour of the bean was creamy, it felt smooth and there was no leaves.
My inference was that it needed moisture and sunlight to grow.
On the 26/8/16 the size of the bean was 2 cm and 5 mm the colour was still creamy, it felt lumpy and it had no leaves.
On the 29/8/16 my bean was 2 cm and 5 mm the colour of the bean was green and a little bit of black because of the mold and there were creamy spikey bits.
In conclusion I learned the plants can grow without soil and it can grow on tissue paper.

Hypothesis for next investigation:
I hypothesis for my next investigation that my bean might be able to grow outside on a tissue paper without soil.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holidays A.B.C.

Abacus with my mum.                                  
Beach trip with my grandparents                 
Clothes shopping at Northlands Mall
Dinner with grandparents eating chicken 
Eggs and bacon for breakfast 
Fish and chips with my family 
Gardening with my Dad 
Had a BBQ with my Dad 
I went to my Dad's in Lyttelton
Jayden and I went to Mega Air
Kitchen now gone because of renovation 
Liam and I had homemade churros
Movies at Hoyts, Northland Mall 
Natalya came over to my house
Oliver and I had a sleepover at his house 
Played  with my Guinea pigs
Quiz night with my family 
Renovation continues…
Shopping at Countdown with my whole family     
Trampolining with my siblings 
Used my new toothbrush                
Very hot nights and day 
Went surfing at Sumner Beach with my auntie.    
Xmas list started 
Yummy ice cream on Sunday afternoon 
Zoo with my mum on the weekend

By Anzu and Leon

Monday, 5 September 2016

D.T. T.3. W.6.

D.T. T.3. W.6 

Today at Discovery Time I made red sky jelly with Lulu and Cerys. We made red sky jelly because my dad couldn't find blue jelly crystal so he had to get red jelly crystals. 

A struggle was when we had to wait for the jelly to set and it is still setting so we actually don't know if it went well or not. Also when I had to wait for Lulu and Cerys to come back from ukulele.

A success was getting the cream nice and thick because when I make cream at home it doesn't go fluffy and thick.

I would like to improve on getting my blue jelly crystals at the shop because if I don't get everything sorted my dad will get really angry but at the end he does go to the shops and get me the stuff that I need.

Something new that I learned is that some dairies don't have what you want, I know this because that is where my dad got the red jelly crystals.
Someone that stood out for me at Discovery Time was Lulu because she spent a lot of time mixing the cream but she didn't give up easily.

Something that didn't go well at Discovery Time was when we couldn't find the boiler jug so we decided to use tap water so now it isn't setting but it tastes nice when you drink it.

If I do this again something that I would like to change is to ask the teacher where the boiler jug was or bring my own boiler jug.  

Sunday, 4 September 2016

We should plant more plants

We should plant more plants

Do you know how much food there is in the world and how much an average person eats? An average person will eat about 1.8 kilograms a day, Which is slightly more than one bag of flour. Well you may think that's not much but anyone could have seconds. 

Think of a family with 4 people in it, the dad will have a lot more because he had just been working so he will need fuel, and also because he is big. The mum will probably have the same amount than the father has. The two kids will probably have seconds. That will be about 0.5 kilograms each. But that's only dinner if your family eats that much 3 times a day when it's the end of the week that's 45.7 kilograms. Which is about 24 bags of flour. If every family eats that much that will be a lot of food and if every family leaves food on their plates and puts it in the bin that food could have gone to people who actually need food to eat...

So my point is that there isn't enough food on earth to eat. About 21,000 people die every day because of hunger this is one person every four seconds and sadly it is children who die more often because their parents can't provide food for them. So we need to plant more food and send it to people who are suffering because of hunger.

Let me tell you about some of the food that could have gone to people who actually need it. For example let's say bananas. Bananas  that have brown spots on it, some of you may think it's rotten so you throw it in the bin but actually it has just been dropped so it's like a banana bruise and it doesn't taste that bad. The same goes with mandarins and apples, all you need to do is not eat the smushed bit and eat the rest of the mandarin or apple.

I think that buying seeds is much cheaper than buying fruits and veggies every week. That way we can save money and buy other food or buy seed and send it to people who are hungry. I would like to set you all a challenge, which is to plant a mini garden of your own and if you all do this than you can save a lot of money and by eating food that you have grown yourself you may help contribute to our overall food production.


Monday, 4 July 2016

Discovery Time Reflection

Discovery Time Reflection 
Today at Discovery Time, I made lemonade with Alyssa,Cerys and Natalya in room 12. It tasted divine. 

A struggle for me was getting the sugar to dissolve properly because when I put it  on for 5 minutes it didn't dissolve well so we had to put it on for another minute and it worked when I put it on for the extra minute. 

An improvement  for me is putting the heat higher so that we don't have to wait too long doing nothing and also to put the fridge temperature lower so that we don't need to waste our time.

I learned that I am quite good at making lemonade because I normally get things wrong when I cook but the lemonade went very well.

Overall I think that making lemonade is a great activity to do at Discovery Time. I would like to do it again but use less lemon and less sugar because there was one cup of sugar and I think that it is a lot. If I do that, I need to use less lemon as well so it will balance the flavours.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Proud writing

Proud writing 

It was a cold frosty morning. We headed to st James park. As Mr Anderson called for the year 5 girls to come to the start line, my heartbeat raced fast. 

I stood behind everyone. When the clap went for the start, I nearly fell over. My mum shouted “GO ANZU” I did my normal routine which is go slow the first round, that way the people that run really fast at first get tired and go slow, and I don't waste my energy. Then on the second round I go a little faster. Near the end of the race I run as fast as a deer getting chased by a lion. 

I realised that I was the first to go across the finish line. I had a big smile on my face. My mum came rushing over and hugged me. She told me that I came first. I was very proud of myself.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Camp writing

Treetop climbing 

Have you ever been scared of heights but still completed your mission climbing up a tree? I have at camp. It was the scariest day of the year.

The soft wind blew on my cheeks like a big icy kiss. The information lady tells me what to do. I slip my harness on and I try on the helmet. The information lady showed my group how to do the climbing and the belaying. 

Firstly I did the backup belaying. Then I did the belaying. It was hard to pull down the rope because the person climbing up was fast and I had to pull hard. Then it was my turn to climb up the tree. 

Sweat ran down my hands like I had  just finished a race. I knew I could do it but I was afraid to come down. I started to go up the ladders. I was so worried that the rope will rip and I was also worried that the steps will fall off. I took a deep breath and went up one step I wanted to go down but I knew the parents wouldn't let me.

 I did my best to go up as quick as I could , like a plane shooting up to the clouds. When I finally got up it felt like I was on top of the Eiffel Tower and when I looked down the children's and parents looked like little blue and red ants. 

The parents said “put your hand off the tree and rest back” I did what they said and rested back. But I couldn't rest back. I was afraid that the rope will rip and I will die. I held on very tight to the rope like a vine wrapping around a tree trunk.

I was wondering if the person doing the belay was stuck or if I was too heavy for them because I went down really slowly. When I got down I couldn't believe that I did it. I went up that humongous tree!

Now I am not scared of heights. I am glad that I climbed that tree because if I didn't I probably would have still been afraid of heights.

My writing reflection
In my writing I have used a simile when
I said “the children's and parents looked 
like little blue and red ants.”

Next time I am going to work on improving my writing
by using more strong verb. Because I haven't used many
strong verbs in this writing and I think that it will be a better 
writing if I had used more strong verbs.